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International Relations

Last Updated: 01 January 2012

Current Stage of Strategy Development

Additional Information

Implement strategy

The strategy is being implemented and will continue to be monitored.

Amongst many other duties, the Energy Act 2004 requires the NDA to secure the adoption of good practice and value for money. The NDA Strategy published in 2006 recognised the value and potential benefit of utilising international experience.  The purpose of the International Relations individual strategy is to set out our approach to engaging with international stakeholders with a view to improving NDA's effectiveness.

PDF International Relations Strategy February 2011 (1Mb)


To gain unfettered access to international good practice from our relationships with counterpart organisations in other countries; to influence technical and legislative developments; to maintain good relations with overseas communities and to support Government policy.

Scope and Boundaries

The International Relations individual strategy defines the approach that NDA will take in dealing with counterpart organisations and other international stakeholders, taking cognisance of the NDA's commercial relationships and the role of International Nuclear Services (INS).  The bilateral agreements that result from the application of this strategy together with relevant Government policy define the boundaries of the respective collaboration. 


The international relations strategy interfaces with a number of other topics including:

Credible Options

Having determined the need for an international relations strategy, the potential credible options are very limited and are set out as the principles listed below.  These define the NDA's approach in this area.

Current Position

The current Topic Strategy is defined by a set of principles which are summarised below:

1.    The NDA will develop relationships with counterpart organisations in other countries to provide access to international good practice related to the delivery of its mission. Where appropriate this will be done through bilateral agreements.

2.    The NDA will work with UK Government departments in support of relevant international policy.

3.    The NDA will engage at a high level with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development/Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD/NEA) and the European Commission.

4.    The NDA will take part in relevant internationally coordinated joint research and development, Working Groups and other collaborative mechanisms.

5.    The NDA will monitor the effectiveness of its bilateral agreements and its international activities.

6.    The NDA will participate in targeted international conferences as a means of gaining access to good practice and third party peer review of its activities.

7.    The NDA will pass on the benefits of its international agreements to the Site Licence Companies to improve value for money.

The strategy for International Relations is mature and being implemented by means of a series of agreements. These are kept under review and the benefits to NDA are routinely monitored.

Stakeholder Engagement on International Relations  

Engagement has taken place internally within the NDA including International Nuclear Services; with Site Licence Companies through the Nuclear Waste Research Forum and with DECC in Government.