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Supply Chain Charter

 supply chain charter front cover

The Supply Chain Charter for nuclear decommissioning sites aims to foster good working relations across the NDA estate's supply chain, with all parties signing up to a set of principles encouraging mutually beneficial and rewarding relationships.

NDA places certain contracts but day-to-day management and delivery of the 19 site programmes is the responsibility of seven Site Licence Companies (SLCs).  The SLCs directly contract with the supply chain for the goods and services they need to meet their programmes.

The two-page charter is a simple set of principles that are important to the NDA and the Site Licence Companies.  The NDA is confident that its suppliers also share these values and would be willing to sign up to the charter.

The NDA and Site Licence Companies worked together to formulate the charter which arose out of the NDA's new Supply Chain Development Strategy adopted in May 2009. The final version has evolved following external consultation with the supply chain and those representing it.

During consultation for the Strategy, a range of possible NDA and SLC initiatives were identified, but feedback from suppliers indicated improvements that were desirable at the Tier 2, 3 and 4 levels of the supply chain. As NDA and the SLCs value the whole supply chain, the concept of a Supply Chain Charter was identified to help deliver the following:

  • For all levels of the supply chain to 'be a good client'
  • To foster good working relations and
  • Improve planning and performance through all tiers of the supply chain supporting the NDA estate.

The NDA currently spends more than £2.8 billion a year, of which circa £1.3 billion enters the supply chain at a range of levels below the Site Licence Companies.

The Charter

For all for all organisations, no matter how big or small, or which tier of the supply chain you represent.

  • Based on a series of simple principles around relationships, planning and performance.
  • Embodies the principles valued by NDA and the SLCs, and we hope valued by you in the Supply Chain too.

If you do, then we're asking for your commitment by signing up to the charter.

Sign up to the Charter

PDF Supply Chain Charter for nuclear decommissioning sites (200Kb)

PDF Siarter Cadwyn Gyflenwi ar gyfer Safleoedd Dadgomisiynu Niwclear (200Kb)

Sign up and email or send to:

Supply Chain Development Team

NDA Harwell Office
OX11 0RH

When you sign up to the Charter, we will publish your company's name with the list of other signatories.

Use the Wordmark

Once you have signed up to the Charter, we will send you the Charter's rainbow wordmark that you can use on your stationery to show your commitment to the Charter principles.

The following companies have signed up to the Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decommissioning Sites:

Signatories to the Charter
  • Silver Stream Business Services Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

Will companies (at all levels) be required to provide evidence to demonstrate the application of Charter principles?

No.  We do not want the Charter to be a bureaucratic process, but to be about the principles and their value.

Will a certificate be issued that could be used by suppliers in prequalification and tender submissions or other documents?

Suppliers signing up to the Charter can use the Wordmark on their stationery to show that they value and work to the Charter principles.  No certificate will be issued as signatories to the Charter will not be audited. 

Is there a contact address that can be used to bring the NDA's attention to any supply chain issues?

If there is a supply chain issue then NDA and the SLCs encourage suppliers to contact the SLC supply chain representative for the site or sites on whose contract you are working in the first instance.

Contacts can be found on the respective websites:

Springfields Fuels Ltd 

What happens if a supplier has signed up to the Charter but does not work to the principles?

If suppliers cannot resolve the issue then they can contact the SLC representatives in the first instance, or NDA.  NDA reserve the right to take contractors off the list of signatories  for persistent breaches of the Charter and remove their use of the Wordmark.