LLW Repository near Drigg


The Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR)* has operated as a national LLW disposal facility since 1959.  Waste was originally disposed by tipping into trenches that have been capped off.  Following a major upgrade of disposal operations in 1995, the waste is now placed in engineered concrete vaults.

Suitable LLW is compacted and placed in containers before being transferred to the LLWR that includes a grouting facility for these containers.   The final waste packages are then placed in the vaults.



Nuclear operation period

Operated since 1959



Site licensee

LLW Repository Ltd

Responsible organisation

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority


* The LLWR is not shown on the UK map of the UK Radioactive Waste Inventory because this site is not categorised as a major waste producer, i.e. it manages LLW originating from other UK sites. Operations at the LLWR generate a small quantity of radioactive wastes. The LLWR is located near the village of Drigg in Cumbria, four miles South of Sellafield.


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