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Developing Our Strategy

You can understand how we control and manage the development of our strategy by reading our short guide:

Strategy Management System Short Guide Front Cover

PDF Strategy Management System Short Guide (250kb)


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Last Updated: 07 March 2013

Current Stage of Strategy Development

Additional Information

Implement strategy

The strategy is being implemented and will continue to be monitored.

The NDA is partly funded by the Government and also derives income from land, property and commercial activities, especially spent fuel management services. As a non-departmental public body (NDPB) we are bound by the same budgeting and financial reporting framework that applies to central government departments.   We participate in the Government's spending review process via the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).  


To provide appropriate funding for the NDA's work from direct Government funding and commercial income, ensuring that income volatility is managed through adequate contingency arrangements.

Our Strategy

Our Funding Strategy comprises the following key elements which govern our approach: 

  • We explore all available options within Government rules to secure funding for our decommissioning programme
  • We articulate the costs, benefits and consequences of different levels of funding
  • We seek to optimise the net returns from commercial income generating activities.


This Strategy has been developed in conjunction with Government departments to ensure we comply fully with the spending review process. We participate in the Treasury led review of forward funding requirements in for the Spending Reviews.


Our Funding Strategy is delivered by means of annual budget allocation to NDA itself, and to each of our Site Licence Companies (SLCs) who deliver our decommissioning programmes.   


Stakeholder Engagement on Funding  

NDA consults annually on a Business Plan that includes a section on proposed site funding for the following year