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Participants at the NSG November 2007 

The Energy Act 2004 established the NDA as an open and transparent organisation with a duty to engage and consult with stakeholders on all aspects of its work. To succeed in our mission we need to work in partnership with the Government, the Regulators and other stakeholders.

The way we and our contractors tackle decommissioning and clean-up and bring about significant structural and cultural changes within the industry needs to

  • be innovative; and
  • improve safety, security and environmental performance.

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National Engagement

We commissioned a review of our national engagement in March 2010. After 5 years, we needed to consider whether or not the arrangements for working with stakeholders remained "fit for purpose".

The Environment Council (TEC) carried out the review. We published their report together with the NDA's response.

Following this review, we have revised our approach to planning and delivering stakeholder engagement. The five steps below summarise our approach.

Our Approach

Step 1
Annually we consider our business requirements. This informs a planned forward look "engagement agenda". 

Step 2  
We consider whether existing mechanisms can deliver some or all of the required engagement or if additional activity is required.

Step 3  
We outline our engagement programme and invite comment.

Step 4  
Informed by stakeholder feedback, we design and deliver our engagement programme.  

Step 5
We evaluate against the purpose/objective of the engagement and include relevant learning in future engagement processes.

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Site Stakeholder Groups

Site Stakeholder Groups (SSGs) are the interface between the community, the site operator, and the NDA.

They meet regularly and provide opportunities for



 Business Plan 2009-12

We consult annually on our Draft Business Plan.

You can see current and previous consultations: