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Winfrith was established by UKAEA in 1957 as an experimental reactor research and development site. During its history, eight research reactors of various types operated on the site. Winfrith also had a number of other facilities including fuel manufacture and examination, plutonium laboratories, nuclear waste treatment and storage and radioactive laboratories.

Decommissioning activities began in the early 1990s and the last reactor was shut down in 1995. All the nuclear fuel and the majority of hazards have now been removed from the site.


Age Operated from 1957 - 1990
Site Stakeholder Group Winfrith Site Stakeholder Group
Site Licensee Research Sites Restoration Ltd
Parent Body Organisation UKAEA Ltd (owned by Babcock International Group (BIG) Limited)
Status Decommissioning and Termination
Cost - Lifetime
(total discounted nuclear liability)
£1,180m (for Harwell and Winfrith)

 * The costs of discharging the nuclear liability will be incurred over a significant period of time. To take account of the time value of money, the costs are "discounted" back to a present value. Effectively this is the amount that would need to be invested today, at a set rate of interest (the discount rate) in order to pay for the liability in the future as it falls due.

Year Key Activities


Final site clearance achieved


Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor (SGHWR) complex decommissioning complete


DRAGON reactor complex decommissioning complete

2021 Complete Care and Maintenance phase

Progress against this year's targets

Status as at end of financial year 2012/13 (Progress against Quarter 1 of 2013/14 will be reported in July 2013)

Site Restoration

Target Status Commentary

Prepare Winfrith for Interim State in a safe and secure manner and review opportunities for optimisation

On target

2012/13 target complete

Safety and Environmental Performance

Status as at end of financial year 2012/13 (Progress against Quarter 1 of 2013/14 will be reported in July 2013)

Nuclear Safety
Industrial Safety
Environmental Safety