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Springfields, Preston 


Tel. 01772 762000

Since the 1940s, Springfields has manufactured fuel products for the UK’s nuclear power stations and for international customers. In addition to fuel manufacture it is also undertaking various decommissioning activities.

In March 2010, an agreement was reached between NDA and Westinghouse to transfer the commercial operations and workforce of Springfields Fuels Limited to Westinghouse, who have been managing the site successfully for five years under contract to the NDA. Under the agreement, the commercial business was transferred and the site was leased on a long-term basis. This means that NDA retains responsibility for the historic nuclear liabilities whilst Westinghouse will have the commercial freedom to pursue new fuel manufacturing business.

In addition to providing an income stream to the NDA, the agreement defers site closure and removed significant future costs from decommissioning and residues processing.


Age Operated from 1946
Site Stakeholder Group Springfields Site Stakeholder Group
Site Licensee Springfields Fuels Limited
Parent Body Organisation Westinghouse Electric Company LLC
Status Operational and Partial Decommissioning
Cost - Lifetime
(total discounted nuclear liability)

 * The costs of discharging the nuclear liability will be incurred over a significant period of time. To take account of the time value of money, the costs are "discounted" back to a present value. Effectively this is the amount that would need to be invested today, at a set rate of interest (the discount rate) in order to pay for the liability in the future as it falls due.

Progress against this year's targets

Status as at end of financial year 2012/13 (Progress against Quarter 1 of 2013/14 will be reported in July 2013)

Site Restoration

Target Status Commentary

 Continue the Post Operational Clean Out (POCO) and decommissioning of redundant areas

On target

2012/13 target complete

Nuclear Materials

Target Status Commentary

Processing historic residues to recover uranium to return to the nuclear fuel cycle.


On target

2012/13 target complete

Safety and Environmental Performance

Status as at end of financial year 2012/13 (Progress against Quarter 1 of 2013/14 will be reported in July 2013)

Nuclear Safety
Industrial Safety
Environmental Safety