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Low Level Waste Repository

Low Level Waste Repository - A forklift moving containers in the Vault 

LLW Repository near Drigg
CA19 1XH

Tel. 01946 724800

This Low Level Waste (LLW) Repository has operated as a national LLW disposal facility since 1959. Wastes are compacted and placed in containers before being transferred to the facility. Following a major upgrade of disposal operations in 1995, all LLW is now disposed of in engineered concrete vaults.

Plutonium Contaminated Materials are being removed from the site for long-term storage at nearby Sellafield.


Age Operated from 1959
Site Stakeholder Group West Cumbria Sites Stakeholder Group
Site Licensee LLW Repository Ltd
Parent Body Organisation UK Nuclear Waste Management Limited
Status Operational
Cost - Lifetime
(total discounted nuclear liability)

 * The costs of discharging the nuclear liability will be incurred over a significant period of time. To take account of the time value of money, the costs are "discounted" back to a present value. Effectively this is the amount that would need to be invested today, at a set rate of interest (the discount rate) in order to pay for the liability in the future as it falls due.

Year Key Activities


Final site clearance achieved


PCM facilities removal complete

2007 -

Engineered vaults construction