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Berkeley Site 

GL13 9PB

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Berkeley was one of the UK's first nuclear power stations and has a total site area of 27 hectares covered by the nuclear site licence. The site includes Berkeley Centre laboratories and offices that lie adjacent to the power station.

The station operated from 1962 until 1989 when it ceased electricity generation. Defuelling was completed by 1992. The area around the site is environmentally sensitive and is designated a Special Protection Area (SPA), Special Area for Conservation (SAC), a wetland of international importance under the RAMSAR convention and a Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI). The nearby Berkeley Gazebo is a Grade 2 listed building, constructed in 1754.

Work continues to prepare the site for entry into Care and Maintenance.


Age Operated from 1962 - 1989
Site Stakeholder Group Berkeley SSG
Site Licensee Magnox Limited
Parent Body Organisation Energy Solutions Inc
Status Decommissioning and Termination
Cost - Lifetime
(total discounted nuclear liability)

 * The costs of discharging the nuclear liability will be incurred over a significant period of time. To take account of the time value of money, the costs are "discounted" back to a present value. Effectively this is the amount that would need to be invested today, at a set rate of interest (the discount rate) in order to pay for the liability in the future as it falls due.

Year Key Activities

2070 -

Final site clearance


Site enters Care and Maintenance phase
During this stage the reactor is left to cool. Most of the structures are removed, and the reactor building is left ina safe state which requires minimum supervision, until final site clearance.

Progress solution for Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) treatment

Design and manufacture of retrieval equipment for the Active Waste Vaults (AWV)


Start retrievals of Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) from the Active Waste Vaults (AWV)


Retrieved, removed and processed for disposal all highly contaminated aloxite from Berkeley Power Station sand pressure filters


Started processing accumulated Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) in vaults

1989 - 1992

Once a site has finished operating and the fuel has cooled down it can beremoved and taken to Sellafield for reprocessing.