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Radioactive Waste Management Limited

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Educating the radioactive waste experts of the future

The radioactive waste management scientists of tomorrow are getting a comprehensive grounding in their subject thanks to collaboration between Radioactive Waste Management Limited and the University of Birmingham.

What We Do

We are responsible for implementing geological disposal of higher activity radioactive waste. We carry out preparatory work to plan for geological disposal. This work is described as "generic" because no sites have been identified yet.

We support Government's Managing Radioactive Waste Safely (MRWS) programme.

Radioactive Waste Management Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, which is an Executive Non-Departmental Public Body of the Department of the Energy and Climate Change.

Our Work

Engaging people in our work

We actively seek open dialogue with people to enable them to understand our work.

Developing concepts and designs

Whilst no sites have been selected, we work to develop the type of facility that might be required and our understanding of how it might be implemented. 

Demonstrating safety

Whilst no sites have been selected, we cover all aspects of safety generically. Once a site has been selected, we will demonstrate that we can meet the regulators' requirements before they will permit us to operate a geological disposal facility.

Assessing suitability of sites

We are developing plans for how we will assess the political, economic and environmental effects of implementing geological disposal at potential disposal facility sites.

Developing sound science (research and development)

We commission a comprehensive programme of scientific research in order to design the multi-barrier system appropriately and to understand how it will evolve over the next million years. 

Working with radioactive waste producers

We provide independent assessment of packaging of higher activity radioactive waste from the UK. This ensures waste is passively safe for long term storage and ultimately, geological disposal of the wastes.

Building on international experience

We work with organisations like ours in other countries who are also seeking to dispose of higher activity radioactive waste through geological disposal. 

Alternative waste management options

We consider developments in radioactive waste management options that support the NDA's integrated and optimised waste management strategy. 

Developing the right organisation

A geological disposal facility will be a nuclear licensed site and in order to operate this facility, the organisation will need to become a Site Licence Company, as required by the regulators. Our contracting and procurement strategy means we work collaboratively with a small number of key delivery partners while maintaining access to specialist niche contractors. 

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