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Web Updates

Keep informed with the latest news and developments from the NDA

Web Updates

Keep informed with the latest news and developments from the NDA

Competition News

31 March 2014
CFP named as preferred bidder
NDA today named CFP (Cavendish Fluor Partnership) as the Preferred Bidder in the competition to take ownership of Magnox Ltd and Research Sites Restoration Limited.

14 November 2013
Magnox and RSRL tender evaluation now underway
Tender submissions from the four bidding consortia in the Magnox/RSRL competition have now been submitted to the NDA.

02 October 2013
Tenders awaited
The four bidding consortia in the Magnox/RSRL competition have now been officially invited to submit their final tenders to the NDA.

20 May 2013
Bidding consortia meet stakeholders
Stakeholders have been outlining community issues to members of the consortia bidding for the £7 billion Magnox and RSRL contract.

11 January 2013
Dialogue opens for £7 billion contract
NDA has confirmed that four global organisations are set to embark on the next phase of the £multi-billion competition to run 12 historic nuclear sites.

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NDA Confirms Names of New Site Licence Companies

14 February 2007

As part of the restructuring of the UK civil nuclear industry, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is setting up Site Licence Companies (SLCs) to carry out decommissioning and commercial operations across its twenty sites. It is currently planned to have seven SLCs, each of which will be owned by a Parent Body Organisation (PBO) for the duration of a contract awarded by the NDA.

The SLCs, as the enduring entity, will employ the workforce on the sites they manage. A programme of competitions has already begun to choose the PBOs that will own the shares in the various SLCs. The competitions for the Low Level Waste Repository SLC and the Sellafield SLC are underway with the southern bundle of Magnox reactor sites due to begin later this year.

After a period of discussion with existing contractors, the NDA is now able to confirm names for each of the SLCs. The timing of the use of the names for branding individual sites will depend on decisions taken by existing contractors in the run up to competition. However, where appropriate the NDA will now refer to the SLCs by the names listed below.

  • Sellafield Ltd

This SLC comprises Sellafield, including Calder Hall; Windscale & Capenhurst

  • Magnox North Ltd

This SLC comprises Chapelcross; Hunterston A; Trawsfynydd; Wylfa & Oldbury

  • Magnox South Ltd

This SLC comprises Berkeley; Bradwell; Dungeness A; Hinkley Point A & Sizewell A

  • Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd

This SLC comprises the Dounreay site only

  • Research Sites Restoration Ltd

This SLC comprises the Harwell & Winfrith facilities

  • LLW Repository Ltd

This SLC comprises the low level waste repository near Drigg in Cumbria

  • Springfields Fuels Ltd

This SLC comprises the Springfields plant near Preston, Lancashire