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Web Updates

Keep informed with the latest news and developments from the NDA

Web Updates

Keep informed with the latest news and developments from the NDA

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Latest version of credible options paper

07 February 2011

The NDA has today published an updated version of the Plutonium Credible Options Analysis. In the period since our original paper was published in January 2009 there have been a number of new developments and the revised paper reflects those. In particular, we have added a further option of reuse of plutonium as MOX fuel in UK new nuclear power stations for consideration.

This updated report has been forwarded to Government with the aim of informing their consideration of the future policy framework which will facilitate decision-making in this area. To this end the Government have today launched a public consultation.

PDF NDA Plutonium Strategy - Current Position January 2011 (100kb)

PDF Plutonium Credible Options Analysis 2010 (redacted) (500Kb)