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The NDA recognises that there is a broad range of information contained on this website, which bidders involved in any of the competitions being run by the NDA may wish to refer to. 

Some of this is legacy information which addresses generic matters and bidders should note that the NDA’s approach may have been altered or developed specifically in the context of any given competition.

Whenever considering whether or not to utilise such information in developing an approach or proposal for the purposes of a competition, bidders should check its validity with the appropriate Competition Team prior to such use.

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Competition News

20 May 2013
Bidding consortia meet stakeholders
Stakeholders have been outlining community issues to members of the consortia bidding for the £7 billion Magnox and RSRL contract.

05 October 2012
Magnox and RSRL PBO competition update
The NDA’s competition process continues to progress in line with the current timetables shown with the deadline for receipt of Pre-qualifying questionnaires being Friday 12th October.

23 July 2012
Potential bidders gathered for conference
One of UK’s largest public procurement exercises will appoint a new Parent Body Organisation for the two companies that operate 12 historic nuclear sites.

18 July 2012
Potential bidders gather for conference
One of UK’s largest public procurement exercises will appoint a new Parent Body Organisation for the two companies that operate 12 historic nuclear sites.

17 July 2012
EnergySolutions EU Ltd to be sold
EnergySolutions Inc, the US business, has advised the NDA of its intention to sell its European business, EnergySolutions EU Ltd.

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Magnox and RSRL PBO competition


On 31 March 2014 NDA announced CFP (Cavendish Fluor Partnership) as the preferred bidder in the Magnox and RSRL PBO competition.

Magnox Ltd and Research Sites Restoration Ltd (RSRL) are Site Licence Companies (SLCs) that manage and operate sites on behalf of the NDA.

The appointed PBO will provide direction, leadership and management through ownership of the shares in the SLCs.

The PBO will second key personnel to form the senior leadership team in each SLC to deliver vision and drive to attain best value for money whilst maintaining mandatory standards of safety, security and environmental performance.

Key Competition Dates

These dates remain indicative only and may be altered by the NDA in any way at its absolute discretion.

20 Apr 2012

Prior Information Notice (PIN) released

May 2012

Formal Market Engagement (FME)

16 Jul 2012

Publish Contract Notice

19 Jul 2012

Bidders' conference, Manchester, UK

12 Oct 2012

Pre-Qualification Response date

Dec 2012

Issue Invitation to Participate in Dialogue

Jan-Feb 2013

Initial site access and information gathering

Feb-Sept 2013

Dialogue period and continued site access

Jul 2013

Issue Draft Invitation to Submit Final Tender

Oct 2013

Issue Formal Invitation to Submit Final Tender

Nov 2013

Tender Return Date

Mar 2014

Preferred Bidder Announcement

Apr-Aug 2014

Contract Finalisation

Apr 2014

Transition Agreement Signed

Apr-Sept 2014

Transition Period

Sept 2014

Share Transfer and Contract Award

 Key Principles

  • The competition is conducted under the Public Contract Regulations 2006.
  • The NDA is committed to ensuring equality of access to information for current contract incumbents and non-incumbents alike.
  • The NDA uses the competition as an opportunity to maintain focus on socio-economic matters.

Further Information

For more information see the following:

31 March 2014 - Preferred bidder announcement

14 November 2013 - Evaluation of Magnox and RSRL submissions now under way

2 October 2013 - Tenders awaited

18 June 2013

NDA received a proposed change to one of the consortia participating in the Competition to secure a new Parent Body for the Magnox and RSRL Site Licence Companies. UK Nuclear Restoration Limited has been joined by Rolls Royce in their joint venture. NDA has assessed the proposed changes to the UKNRL joint venture as against the Pre Qualification Questionnaire criteria and has determined that the addition of Rolls Royce does not weaken in any way the position of UKNRL and their fitness to participate in the competition. Accordingly NDA is content to accept the changes to the UKNRL consortium.

20 May 2013 - Bidding consortia meet stakeholders

11 Jan 2013 - Dialogue opens for £7 billion contract

3 Dec 2013 - NDA invites Magnox and RSRL bidders to ‘Participate in Dialogue’

5 Oct 2012 - Competition update

27 Jul 2012 – Recordings and documents from bidder conference are available upon request

23 Jul 2012 - £4-5 billion Magnox and RSRL competition: potential bidders gathered for conference  

17 Jul 2012 - EnergySolutions EU Ltd to be sold

24 Apr 2012 - Prior Information Notice (PIN) released in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)

13 Apr 2012 - Suite of documents to support the Magnox/RSRL PBO competition process released

29 Feb 2012 - Notification of Formal Market Engagement (FME) 


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