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NDA Strategy Document

NDA Strategy effective from April 2011 front cover

We published our revised Strategy in March 2011.

PDF NDA Strategy - Effective from April 2011 (full colour version) (5Mb)

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Our Mission

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Our mission is to deliver safe, sustainable and publicly acceptable solutions to the challenge of nuclear clean-up and waste management. This means never compromising on safety, or security, taking full account of our social and environmental responsibilities, always seeking value for money for the tax payer, and actively engaging with stakeholders.

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Encourage the highest standards in safety, security and environmental management;
  • Drive hazard reduction;
  • Secure our funding framework;
  • Gain the support and confidence of our stakeholders;
  • Achieve more for less;
  • Develop integrated waste solutions;
  • Maximise commercial value;
  • Build an effective industry; and
  • Create a world class organisation.